Do not train charisma in deepwoken

(not me)

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imagine being banned for something that the game made you say


hm, you’d think that the devs would’ve seen this coming

What’s the context?

Wait what’s PII?


Did you take the vow of mastery from a high level player?

someone got terminated for training deepwoken charisma stat

In deepwoken, to train charisma, you say those lines near players or NPCs when prompted to.

Seeing as more than a couple of them are literally just shitty pickup lines in universe, I don’t know what anybody expected.


Reminds me of a game called Hunter’s Life or something where you could marry NPCs by doing favors. Yeah IDK how Roblox never threw a fit.

The problem here is that you basically just spam them until you gain charisma points.

Its literally just a typing challenge… unless you have all the lines ready for copy-paste.


And suddenly my dreams of getting Vow of Mastery are crushed.

You can get it at power 2, not that hard

Level prob got a godly rng to get what he wants on level 2

u can still train it after all they’ve removed some of the lines from it the other day

It’s a common talent dude

Some commands are rare/legendary but the vow of mastery card itself is a common

Roblox: Ruining Fun