Do people in guilds even play the game

Title. I consider myself lucky if I find even a single player in a server that’s in a guild. Makes grinding infamy such a pain in the ass, because half of it is spent server-hopping :fr:

There are… but because of guilds like suncry, acquire, black bulls, helios or every other guild that ganks. They have all left due to constantly dying. So in result. This is the infamy equivalent of the great depression.

Good thing kingdom of fire (naval) is still active

A know a couple active guilds

  • Entity
  • Arcane Maids
  • Aviation (somewhat)
  • KoF (somewhat)

There are probably more but I can’t remember them.

kof is pretty inactive sadly. Naval is pretty active though

Helios, Assasilant, and Aviation the main 1’s that still play but those are just people multi-guilding cause their main guild is dead till Ao

Finding other guilders to gank is just a matter of luck now, I find a few in some days or I dont find any at all

thankfully they are, makes ganks less common for me

I haven’t been seeing aviation much anymore. Then again, I don’t chat in their discord much anymore. Arcane maids is active as hell though. They just got 700 infamy.

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Black bulls don’t gank. They alt farm.

black bulls get their infamy from alt farming, not from players

I’m active but not as much on my salv file. when tgr drops i’m gonna use my main a lot a lot more

ye tbh I haven’t seen much of em either but at the same time I haven’t touched WoM in like 2 or 3 weeks lol but rn the game is just new guilds made up of people in leaderboard guilds for whatever reason idk