Do you believe in Mimhere Island

Simple. Do you believe that Mimhere Island is real or not

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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this is all you need to know


mimhere island is a hoax to hide vetex’s master plan of taking over africa, i know this because of the documents i found in area 51 after beating up the catgirls guarding it. all thanks to walter white and senator armstrong helping me.

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Can I have the catgirls :pleading_face:

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i left them there, if you wanna go get them you can.

save some for me ong

shanks tryna get the one piece??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Last time I say this people, it’s not real.



it would be really cool if there was a actual island named mimhere island (I THOUGHT IT MEANT CATS… LARGE CATS…)

Liar you are trying to keep the treasure for yourself

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i see 44 votes and over 120 views. VOTE YOU PUSSIES.

what is this

the grand navy cannot hide it from us forever

nvm guys it was a fake, mimhere island is real!!!

I believe mimhere island because it was shown to me in a dream.

Mad cause Mimhere Island does not accept your kind

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