Do you guys come up with stories?

Like little fan-fics or just creating entire worlds that you play around with when you’re bored or trying to sleep? I have so many ideas popping around in there that I always forget to make last lol.

i have several ideas for cartoons/webcomics but unfortunatetetely im lazy

could say story of my life i always have my imagination running, with all the events and experiences of my day and emotions i just pop a story in my head.

heck i even can remember some of the stories i did when i was younger, and i could just write the idea down and write about it later on ig.

though since i’m writing my own series and what not i don’t really get to pop whole unrelated other world all the time. since the series i have it’s always on my mind with what i have so far, but i do turn the recent events and experiences of mine into prompts. or making an entire new book with characters of an huge expanded universe.

but i would recommend you write the idea down or so cause it could eventually turn into smth interesting should something click.

All the time


Yes, I have universes and different characters

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My worlds mostly revolve around weird dreams and things I don’t really understand.

I literally had a dream last night that I was lost in a South American savannah or something and I was desperately trying to find civilization. Dunno how I got there or why, but I did meet a girl on the way. She spoke Española, and I have an (extremely) limited vocab in Spanish. We ventured for a while and I nearly died of a heatstroke before we found a city wall. We both set forth and had some guards let us in, only to realize they weren’t friendly. We were kept in cells and the next day, yeeted into the sea with weights. From there, it was just that horrible sink falling feeling you sometimes get from nightmares, only I still wasn’t awake. Just staring, I realized that I’m drowning but there’s really nothing you can do at that point.

The rest of the dream consisted of laying on the sea floor, with the girl I met in the wilderness, and just viewing all of the bodies of others laying there too. We were dead but we weren’t dead. Not like zombies just… Something else.

That’s one of the more mild random dream-based experiences. Either way these are provoking enough to leave me wondering what they mean, or better yet what it represents. Is it merely a figment of my subconscious? A spill of creativity? Is it foreshadowing? My daydreamt worlds never come close in comparison to the worlds I actually dream, there’s just something much more real about my regular dreams.

I just think that maybe I prefer my random dreams because of the unpredictability that contrasts the perfectly planned regime of my consciousness. I never know what’s coming next, so it’s more of an adventure in a way. My temporary ideas always fade but my dreams never really lose their impression on me. That’s why I just include them in my narratives and stuff. They’re too random to really perfect.

Am I the only person who doesn’t use their brain when bored :fr:

i always think of this one story i came up with a couple years ago. who knows, i might write a light novel or something on it one day.

true true. a lot of it revolves around dwarf fortress actually, pretty good shit ngl.

Yes and then I forget them 5 minutes later

Random fantasies of different places.

yes a few, one was one piece, a couple for Warhammer, and even one for world of magic, sadly I only made progress on the last one. along with some original ideas.