Do you guys prefer XBOX X or PS5?

I had a feeling this would be something that would pop up in my head.

Mini Fridge or Internet Router/Coffee Machine.

I dunno man I like my router but I could always use an upgrade

XBOX is for uneducated people :nauseated_face:


Neither, pc master race :sunglasses:


Mini fridge…
I really like it…
It’s really good!
I can grab some food infront of me while playing games.
It’s really useful!

Hard choice, as they both aren’t out yet.

But I would probably choose a PS5 because it will probably have better console Exclusives.

But ya I would pick PC…PC Master race.

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i gave my honor to the PS4 :sunglasses:

Neither, I prefer the Nintendo Toaster lol

i do like my mini fridge

The stupid Xbox vs ps thing is dumb, they are consoles. Consoles suck. PC MASTER RACE

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This is like choosing between a pile of rocks, and another pile of rocks.

PC master race