Do you like the feature of sensing?

When sensing is eventually added players will no longer be able to hide. Some might see this as a positive or a negative so I figured I’d see what people think.

idk i just like to hold shift and spam c every once in a while

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Yeah it’s cool

About hide , yes Its litle sad , But , a lot of new players will not know use it


I kinda like but it’s also sad to see losing the ability to hide. I always thought it was fun to hide in random tree when someone tried to gank you in wom.

I find it necessary so I can identify people’s build on a whim and act accordingly

It’s not like hiding is gonna be impossible either, since vetex has plans on hiding from sensing until combat

Sensing is good. Looking at the pvp videos, its gonna be hard to see. So, I think sensing will be good for knowing where your enemy is.

I remember I went through the trello and when I saw this I thought to myself…

Hey, isn’t this like spiritual pressure from Bleach?

Later in the QnA they literally said it’s like spiritual pressure and I got so hyped for no reason at all

Bleach is my favorite anime of all time

It’s a cool feature, because if I will be able to get that high enough I could scare away the newbies trying to understand the game. Just some extra thing to make you more intimidating to new players.

But I think they also said there will be some way to hide your energy or something, but not entirely. I don’t really think I need hiding, but it’s definitely annoying when I was doing some trolling in WoM and the person lures me into a forest and hides inside the trees. It just ruins the fun.

In conclusion, I like this feature mostly because it reminds me of spiritual pressure from Bleach

I litteraly consider myself blind without it. I hate social interactions so i always checked how many people there were on island im going to.

I like the feature but I can see some people not liking it as they can’t hide from people.Definitely a valid reason

“Q: Inspite the Magic Sensing being added is there any way of remaining stealth?
A: Hmm. Hang on I have an idea for that, i need to look for it real quick… …Oh yeah, so I have an idea where you could learn how to suppress your magic energy, and it would make your detection range super low, until you get into a fight, but you would be ever to be fully stealth…Maybe but I dunno.”

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Are there more messages about that because he’s only talking about magic.

Nah it’s just from the QnA, but he probably means it for all routes. We’ll see though


why hide when you can just learn how to pvp. You’re going to want to learn sometime anyway as participating in the bounty system is kinda integral to a few features

PvP skills don’t remove the utility of hiding. Some examples including being jumped by multiple people, being low health from a npc or boss and simply not wanting to 1v1.

I mean it was always gonna be a part of the game, hiding was never meant to be sustainable. Run agility gear if you’d rather not fight.

I still hold C when charging in WoM out of pure muscle memory. Would love sensing to make a return so I feel slightly less disgusted about the insane amount of time I’ve put into AA/AR

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