Do you like Undertale or Deltarune more?

Death by glamor solos

World Revolving :yawning_face:

Death by glamor still solos :yawning_face:

field of hopes and dreams and the CREME DELA CREME: scarlet forest

I could list more than death by glamor but I don’t need to since nothing in deltarune beats it

both of those songs would hardly make top 20 in undertale soundtrack

They didn’t even bring up attack of the killer queen bro they ain’t even trying
Ngl tho attack of the killer queen and world revolving would make top 5

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I like both, but I like deltarune better, idk like the overworld setting, the characters, it all reminds me of the small town I used to live in

My favorite became Susie, but it used to be Ralsei prior to Chapter 2
In Chapter 2, Ralsei is… how do I say this
There’s something about him in Chapter 2, it’s like he has some kind of ulterior motive or bigger plan for Kris and Susie.

I don’t think it’ll be Kris and Susie he betrays
I think it’ll be us

I have a controversial opinion (the correct one tho) on what the second best UT song is

datertale or daterune
i think

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i was completly fine with ralsei, even liked him. but his fanboys are so goddamn annoying, especially how they just completly ignore the undertones his character can have.

I’ve watched my younger sister play deltarune at home and it was hilarious seeing the story play out, plus I’m planning a funny deltarune themed team for when I play Pokémon scarlet so I’m picking deltarune


kids ruined both games for me, can’t even think about them without cringing first

honestly deltarune was better for me mainly because i didn’t get spoiled of the entire game’s events while scrolling through youtube

Basically all of UNDERTALE got spoiled for me, but both are cool.

out of the two i’ve only played deltarune, but i’m considering playing undertale