Do you like Undertale or Deltarune more?

  • Undertale
  • Deltarune

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I love Deltarune,even tho it currently has less content then Undertale in the far far future when the game will be fully finished I think it will actually have more content then Undertale which is awesome.

tbh i argee, deltarune will probably be better once its completed, but until then i’d still say i like undertale better


deltarunes a lot more fun and funny


Deltarune is way more fun with much better combat, improving upon what Undertale had and adding a few things of its own.
I think the only problem is that not everything is fleshed out yet, but the game is only 2/7ths done afterall, so that’ll most likely change once finished.


I agree that deltarune chapter 2 is way more fun than Undertale, but I don’t think the story is gonna live up to Undertale’s legacy.

And just going off the game’s current state, it’s hurt by how chapter 1 is just kinda boring all around

(Disclaimer: I do love deltarune and can’t wait to see where the story goes)


undertale isnt really uh… fun? it was cool back then but i have no reason to play again. plus its probably a pain to play without prior knowledge of the game as a single kill throws you into the bad boy bin

deltarune is very short so far but every chapter is its own small game with a secret and final boss, generally better overworld music and much better combat


Yea Chapter 1 feels more like the tutorial when it comes to Deltarune,still I love chapter 1 tho.

I don’t really agree with this, I thought the combat was still nice even in Undertale and its a very well paced enjoyable game

And you’re supposed to end up fucking up your first playthrough, it’s basically the whole point

combat is enjoyable but its a lot of walking and talking. if its a pacific run then you just act once or twice per normal encounter, and a genocide run is attack spam. bosses are memorable but you still dont do much in them except dodge and attack/do nothing if pacific

at least deltarune combines both without punishing you a shit ton if you ever kill a monster and has some kind of mana mechanic that recharges when barely dodging something which is pretty satisfying. you also have multiple actions per turn due to party members, more diverse combat items, more equipment…

like on the combat side deltarune is undoubtedly better imo. undertale indeed does better on other aspects of the game tho, especially compared to chapter 1 which is pretty boring


I can almost guarantee I’ll like deltarune better but rn there’s not enough content to surpass undertale


I’m stuck on jevil and i’ve never played undertale

I got smacked by jevil too hard so I skipped him
I’ll go back and beat him some day

I haven’t played either.

you should at least play undertale. it isnt long especially if you know not to kill anything the first time around

i mean, right now with only 2 chapters deltarune already is a pretty damn good game, with many things which i loved about undertale (combat, story, secrets, jokes). just in it and made 10000x more fun/better. only thing that is still vary are the characters, even though some (susie, berdly) are already favorites for any media in general, i can just see all characters growing on me when the game is done.

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Everyone’s favorite is Susie don’t lie

yeah def should play undertale, many jokes are based on undertale, and toby fox is doing deltarune with kinda the mindset of, that you probably played undertale. you can still enjoy deltarune without having played undertale, but some jokes/references just fall flat, and especially if you go a tiny bit deeper into the game with it’s mysteries, you would just draw blanks

Deltarune definitely wins in 9/10 cases, better music, characters feel less 1 dimensional, people finally stopped making AUs focus on ONE CHARACTER (I’m looking at your sans :smiley: ), And the story is shaping up to be much more hype, and longer than undertake (for reference it took me around 1 hour on my first undertake playthrough to get to snowdin and it took me 2 hours to do chapter 1 of deltarune). Undertale is more in depth but that’s only because it is a finished game :fr: and deltarune could realistically turn out any way :person_shrugging:


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very true bro just listen to chaos king and BIG SHOT