Do you think guns are coming to WoM?

I think there is a very high chance since there were guns in AA, plus there is the Savyrian culture which is essentially cowboys. But the only info on their culture for weapons is that they use “Doomwood for handles, and have gold blades.”

I thought Oblitesco was the gunslinger place or is that Savyrian as well? In any case probably not for a while if at all

guns will probably exist, but they will be extremely rare compared to AA.

Vetex confirmed guns but they will be extremely rare

Seeing this message gave me a whiplash, thought it was a shitpost. My mind immediately jumped to an AR 15; magic powered guns would be cool though.

They’ll probably be in game, just rare. He could have just said “nope, guns don’t exist, sorry, nada” if he really didn’t want guns in the game. At the very least, he’s leaving his options open.

i think vetex has said they’ll be near endgame weapons because theres a very limited amount of people who know how to make them now


read rayman’s post below

Sorry, I didn’t see that. I deleted my post

its ok

Yes, I think guns will definitely be a nice edition to the game.

I find it weird that guns would be rare, but every ship in the game (at ironport, pirates, mercenaries, wrecks on land) has a cannon.

I actually like the idea of guns being hard to obtain. This way we can have Guns that work like actual guns in real life. Because if Guns were easy to get, it’d prolly be designed to do small amounts of damage and fire quickly.

Guns and cannons are slightly different technology. Cannons are more widespread while during AA guns were a brand new invention that only the AG had and a few smugglers. Our player was lucky that Savaria had a smuggler.
Although guns are similar technology to cannons and could probably be reinvented after some research, people don’t have a reason to research them. A gun has very little use in a world of magicians who are able to create thunderbolts and even giant iron spheres to attack people with. In AA guns existed because the AG needed weapons for their non-magic users and they funded the inventor(s), but in WoM the only similar organization is the MC who is composed of only magic users and who have no need for guns. Some either lived long enough to remember how to create guns, or simply have been privately funded to research, but those few people are keeping their inventions reserved for special clients who can overpay for their products.

tl;dr: Cannons were already widespread in the world but guns were very new and after mainland died the inventor died as well. They still exist but only with privately funded inventors who reserve them for special clients.

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magic powered guns

inspired me to make this

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Remember this AA veterans?