Do you think SpearBreak will get on the LB in AO?

Skill pool will increase wtf you on mate?

i’ve got my hopes up but its a maybe

AO lb

  1. Noble
  2. Noble
  3. Noble


tigerbaby carries noble

BFT vs TigerBaby


i mean kof probably wont reach lb unless you pay for infmay again :skull:

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no cap!

no, just join Roselight :pray:

roselight dont allow multi guilding when 3/4 of their members are in another guild :skull:

stfu, you’re not funny lmao

ik that but damn, paying for infamy? :skull:

didn’t I already say to shut the fuck up?


this is my post :laughing:

but isn’t paying for infamy almost like alt farming? :skull:

is this a pathetic attempt to be toxic?



who what