Do you think SpearBreak will get on the LB in AO?

Do you think we would reach the AO after massive amounts of grind again? Do you think we have a chance? Tell below!

Only if spearbreak comes back as spearkbreak

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frfr if its asstria then nah :troll:

It’s pretty likely, as they’ve been more or less more active during like early 2021 - may (when the infamy reset was announced), they’d have more experience than the average player or individual whom played at the start of the Guild Update, leaving me to believe they have a good chance of getting on to the leaderboard. But, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be easy for them, as there will most likely be more guilds than ever before at AO’s release, meaning there’s more competition, but in contrast to that, it means there’s more kills for infamy, maybe making the guild scene more interesting, especially for guilds like Spearbreak.

TL:DR; :nod:

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makes sense B)

lb will be competitive at the start of ao
they can if they sweat infamy like everybody else will

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Good luck is all I can say.
Assuming that AO blows up, there will surely be alot of competition, especially from the hoards of newer players that will be flooding in.

This current community, of around 1k people, will only be like 2% of the actual AO community in the future.

The player skill pool will definitely increase, and thus the level of competition in this game would increase as well.

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if the top spearbreak contributors during guild update wom help they have a chance for lb, but it’ll be harder with the amount of competition upon release

my mf gaming pvp skill will help too trust me :face_with_monocle:

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i was like the 2nd most infamy contributor in the guild, and i only farmed for 2 months, percy grinded at the start and i grinded near the end since i joined late.

remember, they have me B) (totally not infamy slave)

i mean i dont think the skill pool would rise a lot since mostly everyone who is somewhat good plays wom, and if you tell me those kids from AR think their good, watch them hop on WoM and they will get clapped by a random. lmao. but i do think that the player base will rise but tbh if there are more guilds, just seem like more infamy… lol

So did I

Also I doubt it, at it’s current state definitely no, the amount of players from gpo, ar, and just guilds that used to play wom at the start of guild update will definitely take to the top.
The only reason spearbreak ever got to the leaderboard is because they joined the infamy grind late,

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bro exper harasses me for being infamy slave to all my guilds lmao
too bad im not in spearbreak


exper hired me to grind infamy for his guild LOL

And he insults me by calling me an infamy slave
I might be an infamy slave, but im nearly half way to soloing suncry to superior. so at least im still having fun

only half way? thats not a infamy slave :skull: , infamy slave is when you got more than 1k infamy…

Ive gained a lot for other guilds lmao
Idk what shit exper is on he just tryna get at me


definitely not