Do you think that noble will be a top guild when the update comes around?

We’ve all heard the comical phrase, “noble winnin’” but I think its time the people decide: is there any truth to it? Why do you feel the way you do? What other guilds do you think will earn high ratings?

They’re basically the most elite of all the guilds
even if their name is blatantly ripped from the FATE series
however their relative scarcity in numbers won’t make them a “Top Guild”

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If i’m being completely honest here, we’re fuckin winnin. If we go by numbers and estimated activity we might not be 1 but probs top 5-10. Can’t really be sure who’s active until guilds update though.

i think big contenders are noble, suncry, dynasty, and some others i can’t think of off the top of my head

The top guilds when the update comes out probably don’t currently exist.

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its gonna be a youtuber guild

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heaveeee ho!

“most elite of all guilds”, they declined a 5v5 requested by Suncry, using the excuse of waiting until the guild update.

In my opinion, noble is just a group of friends if I were to look at Inquisition. Phantasm doesn’t even play but 1-2 people.

we mercifully spared you for the time being, you should be thankful

it’d be boring if we didn’t give you ample time to prepare :yawning_face:

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I smell excuses.

cuz we’re all waiting to make a guild…

lol Ibemaine creates a guild lmao

Although it might look like an excuse, keep in mind that literally everyone got demotivated to play wom and currently everyone’s playing exoria. The ones that are still playing wom from time to time are most likely those who are doing 1v1s and rking and other typical stuff

I’m not really sure about that because usually quantity ≠ quality in pvp unless it’s specific members from a pvp division

ngl, I stopped caring about them

no i will be on top

Exoria wuts that

Exoria is kinda a game like Rouge just with less RKing

Ah…what’s rouge lmao