Do you think that we will have NPCs that we can hire?

Title. I think it would be pretty cool if we could have NPCs that we can hire for a certain amount of galleons, but do you think that it could actually happen

No, I don’t think it will.

i really wish we can tho


As companions that follow you around and fight along side you?
No way, I also don’t like the idea.

As crew that will operate your ship, reload cannons, add realism and further ship customisation?
Heavily doubt it, but sounds like a cool idea.

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It would be cool though

agreed it would be very cool

Lmao y’all are wrong

Tbf, deckhands don’t do Jack shit when it comes to helping you clear pirate ships

never had one what the fuck do they even do except increase stats

oh how this has aged like my parents

Remember how broken Edward is at Silverhold quest, I don’t want any NPCs with this scary AI.

NPCs following you around would be disastrous, but your crew getting agroed and fighting is likely (npc VS npc fights look really cool also)

what happens if you make edward fight kai

Bro did not read :skull:

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