Do you think the Minotaur and the Exiled okay?

Like are they fine to fight in world of magic?

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fine to fight in world of magic? you mean as not too hard? well, it depends. but if you learn their attack patterns they get a bit easier but you still have to be careful while fighting them because they can melt you in a few seconds

mino imo is fine but exiled needs to chill on the iframe buff it gives itself and sometimes does the buff and moves around a bit when it’s supposed to attack otherwise it’s ok

plus raging storm (maybe dmg have to check) from exiled is being nerfed so it chills out with it, spams too often

I’d say the minotaur is easier in groups and the exiled is easier to solo

because of how minotaur’s attacks work, it can be lethal if he charges while you’re in a spell cast, meaning its way better to have a bunch of meatshields fighting with you

exiled meanwhile is harder to whittle down in hp when its boosted from a group, the amount of hp exiled has is actually pretty managable solo

yeh but you do less damage

they’re actually really fun to fight…well the minotaur is probably more fun to fight imo

Exiled isnt fun to fight

solo minotaur is actually fun as heck, pretty fair and challenging fight
solo exiled is good but raging storm is painful to evade, and the iframes are not fun

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Agreed, exiled is definitely painful due to his aim or something

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Both are fun to fight, however the exiled needs to stop damn spamming his iframes and stop spamming raging storm so much. Not just that, mino is just un worth it to fight unless you want crowns or legendary hero. Drops are just bad.

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In my opinion, the biggest flaws with the exiled is how he can do multiple times in a row the same move, which obviously include raging storm, and how it’s impossible to know visually when he is invincible and when he’s not.
Of course, the minotaur has the same ones, but at least he’s only invincible in some attacks where you would expect him to be invincible anyway and whatever move he can spam won’t be that annoying to deal with.

I think agree with your take but not on your justifications, I feel like as long as you can stay elevated enough or if you use single blasts you can likely avoid him charging, and even if not you’ll have a fair chance to be able to perfect block it. What annoys me is when he starts endlessly axe-spamming, really annoying if you’re trying to deal damage because you can dodge and try to retaliate but then he just throws again and again and again and again and again and again. Exiled I haven’t solo’d since I mainly use my hero file, except for one time where it was bugged, so I can’t really speak on anything.

nah axe spamming is easy to counter, just jump

For minotaur axe spamming I just hide behind a tree. When he destroys the tree I move to a new one.

Never soloed the exiled in one life though, wasn’t really worth learning how anyway. There’s almost always 2-3 other people there before me.

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Doesn’t address what I was trying to say

yea that’s what i do, he throws it again and again, i jump again and again ._.

but its more fun to do the opposite, (solo minotaur, gangbang exiled)

Then after he stops spamming you attack once he does it again

wut? i just dodge…