Do you think we will get more info on Spirit Weapons after v1.15?

  • We will get more info on their lore
  • We will get more info on their gameplay
  • We will get more info on both
  • We wont get any more info on them
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I’d imagine that gameplay info won’t be released outside of patreon until they really start development on them, but it is somewhat possible we’ll get more lore about them in the first couple chapters of Nimbus

Sameria is, well, H U G E. Theres no way there will be no lore-giving spirit energy user. And don’t you forget about our beloved patreon leak bringers, Im sure they will do their job

Vetex just forgetting to make an npc that exposition dumps spirit energy:

in the game, maybe lore cuz npcs wont be breaking the 4th wall
out of the game, if anything itd be gameplay as vetex doesnt usually spoil lore and story so early


We sort of know how they work? They are a mix between weapon moves and magic moves (source is some vetex screenshot I can’t be bothered to find) we also will be able to imbue magic into them as well as spirit energy into magic

I think that probably Warren in the next chapters will give us some info on spirit weapons, as he already told us about awakenings.