Does anybody remember the bathroom suggestion

basiclly, it was a funny suggestion in game discussion
it was like this:

(get ready)

every 60 seconds, a npc has a 1/10 chance to have to go piss/poop.
if they do not find a toilet within a close distance, they will piss or poop their pants, creating a puddle of piss or a pile of poop.
taco bell.
new sewer map below the ground, with a sewer boss.

it was bad.
i wonder if anybody remembers it.

Why are you reminding us / bringing this up to people who didn’t know ?


i wanna see if people even remember it.

I feel bad for this person. This guy probably got flamed by the forums

i dont think they were bad from what i remember.
i cant see the replies to that post cuz it was made private.

I don’t remember this but if this was a game feature that’d be funny af

I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed to a sewer area under a massive city with a secret boss awaiting my challenge.
Lord of the Rats ready to try and kill me with water magic? Bring it. I will steal your drops.

Adventure story demo be like

Why must you let me know something like this ;-;

cant imagine how horrid a highly populated town would be like with this mechanic

islands meant to be the grandest of cities turn into floating sewers

huh who made this?

the what