Does anyone else hate Enizor?

I let this man live on my boat rent free, not to mention its a brig so I’m basically letting him live on this world’s luxury cruise liner FOR FREE. I also fund his dumb, stupid, and extremely lame research. Then he has the AUDACITY, to charge me for enchants!?

Like bro, I OWN YOU!

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Next we get a smithy that charges us for upgrades after we save his daughter from cancer or smth

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The question is: what the hell is Enizor using our money for?

nahhhh not rlly, i didnt expect anything from him so i dont rlly feel dissapointed.

also his pants looks cool


Enizor is a cool guy, and hey, maybe his research allows you to put effects on your ship such as invisibility or a temporary exotic enchant that affects your whole ship idk

Besides, it would be stupid and unbalanced if we could just keep enchanting and unenchanting with enizor to get the one we want (in context of prior dark sea update but still he’s def gonna start enchanting with exotics in nimbus)

why did you post twice

I say let Enizor cook, If he dissapoints, he’s walking the plank.

I didn’t think it’d be ok to post in game discussion but after rereading the game discussion description I realized its probably fine and will probably reach more people there

You’re making a lot of sense, I think I’ll do that