Does Anyone Know the Catalog IDs for These Hairs?

I haven’t managed to find these yet, it’s likely that most are UGC. The last one is likely an official roblox hair, and I’ve found something pretty close, but I haven’t found an exact one yet.

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For all I know, last one is a free hair

all I know is that this is DEFINITELY the hardest one to find… I think we’ll need a mastermind roblox hacker to figure out where to get this hair :cold_sweat:

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It’s really annoying how hard it is to find the hairs, honestly, especially UGCs. There’s really no telling what the original names are and what to search up.

I’ve only been able to find the first one and the fourth one so far

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Thank you, do you use any specific strategies or programs for finding the hairs that I should know of?

  1. Brown Fluffed Hair

  2. Bead Pigtails in Blonde

  3. Brown Double Braid Wrap

  4. Black Morning Waves

  5. Miss Auburn Hair

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Thanks for finding them.
I assumed that the fifth was the auburn hair but it looked a bit too large, maybe vetex shifted its attachment a bit.
As I asked with the other person, any techniques you used to find the hairs?

sadly no special method, I already had the first in my inventory and the other I got lucky while searching the catalog trying to brute force it :sob:

hopefully jinelle has a better technique cause finding all of them is actually crazy

Sometimes finding the original items in AO is fuckin painful because I remember it took me 45 minutes to find Elius cape

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