Does anyone know what this is?

sorry for crappy gyazo link

I think you know what you know what you know what really means


I’m betting streaming enabled. It absolutely broke the game the last time it was used, so I don’t think it will work a second time lol.

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I doubt its streaming enabled because that has to do with rendering in gameplay

FPS Unlocker maybe?

Filtering enabled 2.0

it’s not streaming enabled because streaming enabled is gameplay related

this is probably just some additional server features that maintain the data store or something, undisclosed just so no one can figure out how to abuse any of them

It’s not really gameplay, it’s only unloading far things… which I guess can qualify as internal? I mean it’s a main roblox studio feature that totally change how a game works.

it affects gameplay so it has something to do with gameplay :fr:

Depends what you call gameplay, all it is is render distance, which will be pretty much the same anyway if it only unloads things far

gameplay = anything you can see or affect, and anything that can affect your character or your computer (cpu/gpu/ram usage etc.) in any way while playing a game without stuff like console access