Does anyone know who L4R is?

basiclly what the title says
i just heard of him, and i mean JUST, because i JUST saw a video of someone going on L4R’s profile, with the about section saying that cancer won.
he died.
even though ive never, and i mean NEVER heard of this guy like at all, may he still rest in peace.

is this on arcane forum or no?

no i dont think so

ok i found two videos ‘supposedly’ telling about the story of l4r
apparently l4r was just a kid like all of us
who played roblox
how is that the ‘story’ of l4r
i thought l4r was like a popular roblox player who made well known classic games or something, not someone who was like all of us.

also, no offense but,
why are people just talking about l4r and their death now.
usually people talk about people’s deaths around or after they die or during the anniversary of said death.
but its a seemingly random date to discover it on the 10th of september of 2021 of all dates.
i just dont get why it took this long.