Does Anyone Need 91 Nimbus Treasure Charts?


Im selling all my stuff rn and then taking a a snack break from chest grinding, if no one needs them after an hour, I’m server hopping.


Simply grind, I have no use for them though, too lazy to do treasure charts.

Then why would you do all of this… grinding?

I just get them as a by-product while grinding chests, collecting dusts on the way.

you can probably just dig on any part and find treasure at this point

It’s 80 now lol

gimme 0 pls

I will 100% give you 0 treasure charts!

Welp lost connection, the charts went poof now

um, how would you trade a treasure chart?
party? but then i would need to ask you for one every minute or so

Yeah party but regarding this

Im just gonna send you the pics on islands you want to dig in dms to make it easier and then tell me once you’ve ran out of them

tbh we gotta organise smth like that once, this sounds like such a cool way to do charts

Yeah about that, one internet issue and it’s all gone :sob:

What sucks even more is that AO is lagging a lot rn and I mean the ping literally

we could all do chest runs and just dig everyone’s charts
imagine server sized shit like that LOL

Inefficient unless you meant between servers rather than one

Yes… yes… :sob:
I need all those

Sadly if I solve those charts it doesn’t count towards my charts solved though :confused:

Minecraft yters after some “off camera grinding”