Does Aura still not affect weapons for conjurers?

idk its kinda dumb, same thing applies for focus

with this logic why doesn’t magic get half the efficiency when warlock uses focus

I don’t really get why we’re arbitrarily nerfing weapons

i thought it did

it does?

since when?

i just said i thought idk if it does i hate arcane odyssey i dont play it

based tbh

I kinda lost steam for the game like around last week

only if imbued because then it has the magic. same with focus. rn im pretty sure that it only affects the style or magic that used it so it makes sense to only get a partial increase from for example power aura/focus if it’s imbued since imbuement isn’t just the magic

because then we would have weapons with 40% speed boosts, which is even higher than what light imbue gives. The same thing sort of applies to power aura and focus.

exactly. We don’t want to give the weapons too much buffing after the imbue

been thinking about this for a while

but that kinda sounds pretty fun to use

why do you use the forums then?

As a secret website to talk to his friends during class