Does imbuing really reduce weapon damage?

People keep saying that imbuing your weapon makes it deal less damage.
I’m a conjurer myself and I’m pretty sure I deal more damage after imbuing.
Does it depend on magic (mine is explosion in case it matters) or something else?

imbuements inherit magic stats
so for most magics, it does reduce weapon damage

imbuements inherit the stats of their magic, so, in a lot of cases, yes, it does.

which, sucks because that means it’s better to use your weapons non imbued, which kinda defeats the purpose of the awakening as a whole.

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unless its light. then your sword becomes the fastest thing on this planet even if it does reduced damage.

8 frames early (w/ 24 atk speed) for -18% damage :frcryin: (light conj has to be one of the most fun builds though)

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