Does luck potion affect sealed chests auto unloaded or only manually sold?

so ive heard it improves loot, does it work with quartermaster unload?
Bonus question: what do i get more of and what do i get less of?

You get way more exotic scroll enchants way less of everything thing else. And yes it does work with unload

praying for the day when luck gets reworked to just have a chance to add more items to chests

oh yes then im working on it

I’m saving my luck 5 potion darkessentia brew for when the new secondary gem stats come out, I’m going to make an event with my clan so we can get an Ston of chests and maxed out secondary gem effect :moyai:

Yea you probably need to save it until aura potion gets buffed to be able to hit multiple people
Even then it might just hit five people at max like explosion spells

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