Does metal conjurer actually deal 2 tick of bleeding like the wiki says?

I want to confirm this data. If so then metal would actually be better than magma?

yes (at least last time I’ve checked), but metal is also very slow and barely has a synergy with bleed (2.5% if conjurer).
if you actually want to use projectiles, magma is better. If you just want to use big aoe moves, you can choose metal.
if you really want to, you can also use a high intensity build to get longer bleed.

metal doesn’t have a synergy with bleed? and I mean the speed affinity on metal and magma difference is a mere 0.075x so at least metal is somewhat on par with magma and not completely trash.

wait really?
I’m like 90% sure it had a 5% synergy with bleed …

All self synergies were removed (except Light)

metal warlock better