Doin' your mom

FAttY SPiNS - “Doin’ Your Mom” is an inspirational masterpiece, which has motivated many to pursue their goals.

The composer uses techniques such as repetition and repetition and repetition and repetition and repetition and repetition and repetition and repetition.

An example of this is clearly shown throughout the first verses, where the singer beautifully produces this sound “Doin your mom doin doin your mom Doin your mom doin doin your mom Doin doin your mom doin doin your mom You know we straight with doin your mom”.

The verb “Doin” shows a clear goal in this verse, whether this goal has been reached yet is up for debate, but the singer seems to claim that he has gone forward in the act of mom doing.
We often associate ‘Doing’ with an act/performance that comes with accomplishment. The singer being of straight sexuality could imply that he is in fact not doing their dad.
This reveals the immense non wholesome chungus 100 homophobia present in the 2010’s, where liking the same gender was immoral.
This develops the earlier idea of repetition, as the character is very intent in forcing this idea that he is not “doing” the father, but the mother.

It seems the writer wishes us to feel his insecurity, as “doing” the dad would cause in him being put down in his friend-group.

The watchers and listeners from around the world would feel his desperate cries for help and side with his reasoning. The act of “doing” your dad should have been acceptable. Nowadays, FAttY SPiNS does. moms and dads how he pleases, with no rules or peer pressure (he did his friends too much they died so sad) to stop him.

This is truly a leap forward in society.

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When you need to have 1000 words on an essay with a completely dry theme.


he’s doin’ my mom…

I’m doing your mom

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