Don't call someone a coward if you gonna run away from a 1v1

So I run away from two people attacking me both 1.2k health after I get both of them to half (I only have 628 health)
I see his friend leaves the server so now it’s a 1v1.
He calls me out on running away

I proceed to clown him in a 1v1.
This is me running away.

This is him running away.

I 1v1ed his friend and mesed up got hit by 3 fireballs but got him to half anyways.
Moral of the story: Don’t be a clown.


people still cant accept that running away is a valid strategy


As long as they aren’t logging or resetting.

The same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago in which I killed two guys in the same guild in the Bronze Grasslands. Since I was low, I ran away and while they were chasing me, they called me a coward and called me a furry since the guild I’m in is kinda cat themed. Once one of them left, I decided to get the one that was still left in the server and then he ran away and said that he doesn’t fight with cowards ;-;


Well it’s called Mystic Cats so yeah it is based off of cats. The guild leader was inspired by his old guild in Arcane Adventures which is why we have le name

Those people tried ganking leo a while back and failed.

I heard they’re in guilds so they should be free infamy.

jesus fucking christ finally someone says it

bitches will get so damn tilted at the fact that i decided “oh yknow what i don’t think i can win this one better skedaddle so i dont lose crowns”–like these mfs EXPECT me to just give them the kill, as if there aren’t direct and immediate consequences for doing so

fuckin stupid smfh


fr tho ikr

like you should expect me to start running if we aren’t in the colosseum

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Why do they suck so fucking bad

code farm

What build are you using? Your dmg seems wayyyy too low for your hp

Its a strength set.

151 dmg mighty crash at such low hp is far too low. It should be around 200 ish at 634 hp

58 dmg per raging storm slash too. It should be closer to 75 each

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Shit, you’re right. Idk might be an unfinished armor…? At first I was expecting a no armor fight but I was wrong.

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Combination? I mean I have done that before, combining both strength and power

That explosion dealt like 106 dmg with the bleed boost which is 25% for magma
normal placed explosions deal like 70-80 dmg so their magic power has to be lower than 10. So that cant really be the case either.

Must just be an unfinished build like JTN said

strength + magic


huh, why did your explosion only deal 106 dmg then? or am i being blind?

nvm i calculated it and the dmg is roughly correct. That just goes to show how bad placed explosions are