Dont Look At The Top 20th Clan Leaderboard

Otherwise, you’ll get jumpscared by this thing

How old’s iris again?

Idk, vetex never clarified tbh, only this

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i wanna kms

its okay so long as I don’t have to hear of iris nsfw coming out of that discord. but I trust that they are mature people that just like iris

Yeah, nsfw isnt allowed in the server, heck non-members dont even have image perms considering they’re mostly the ones sending nsfw stuff :skull:


Idk, but we reached leaderboard in 19 days

the power of simps is a power to be afraid of

The church of Iris is bigger than you think, we have members all over the place. People who don’t suspect to have anything to do with them may in fact be members. Our workings reach far deeper into these seas than you could ever imagine. Just be wary for whom you insult, or the entire church will hunt you down.

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Um… 16

So what you’re saying is that you’re basically the order of aesir but different.

where was this said?

the fact that the fucking guests are being hornier than the actual members really fucking says something about the people who play AO.

My friend found it on the discord, idk if its official or unofficial but if she is then oh boy

who was the one who said it on the discord?

My friend found it around 2-3 weeks ago in the discord, and he doesn’t really know who posted that

if we don’t know who posted it then i’ll just believe what vetex said about her

the source was revealed to me in a dream