Dont take away his patch

a sea curse was found at the bottom of the Bronze Sea, it was found by a man who cared not for power but sought an answer, “what if it was a part of you instead of an extension of you”


i hate being a fule source


Bro absorbed the energy curse :sob: :pray:

He thinks he a nuclear power plant :rofl: :pregnant_woman: :speaking_head: :fire: :100:

if it was at the bottom of the sea why didnt he explode when he absorbed it? or is his curse not an elemental one

it was probably moved

Blud’s theme is megalovania

mf absorbed the power plant curse

What Prometheus does to his mfs.

I think the energy curse (assuming that this is that curse) is an external curse

probably should have made this doodle sooner

whats his curse

does he has the water curse and is being used as a source of hydropower

listen man, I thought it was a cool character consept forgeting that this game / comunity actually has detailed reasons of why and how superpowers hapend, I’le probably workshop of a good reason sooner or later but rn I kinda feel like this character is kinda dead to me


keep cooking