Double-Edged Sword - Fan track

Without a moment to spare, you urgently scramble for the rooftop, hiding yourself just in time as you hear the clanking of the ensigns’ armor right below. With bated breath, you lay completely still on the rooftop, your senses keenly attuned for what the soldiers are about to do. Suddenly, you hear the hurried approach of another ensign towards the group, and just as you’ve feared, the ensign imparts news regarding the events in Fort Talos. Worst of it all, the entirety of the island has been alerted about your identity.

WORSER of it all, you’re in the flip-flopping island!!!

Stupid fact: The amount of doubt I had about posting this is over 9,000.

This track is rather about an event in ao. Or perhaps a feeling the player had now that they’re a war criminal for trying to stop the bad guys- (help) I mean-- who wouldn’t feel constantly on the edge when you’re in the very location that’s highly against your actions…

Well, making this thing was fun at least. -Until you get to the part where you have to make everything sound “just right.” :skull: Dawg this crap is harder than trying to brainstorm a drawing-- WHY DID I MAKE THIS???

Anyway, cover artcjdknzoskdn bye bye!!


anyway hopefully you enjoy this
also some art of ron in the meantime, i got to revamp it

and yes theres ron vs gabriel before the spar


wait omg-- more ron art-!! LETS GOOOOO

ok you may speedrun now

Now I want a slice of life episode of the gang in Ravenna.

Yooo, this slaps.

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This shi SLAPS


Banger track!

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i also did a ron revamp for binelle

i do believe i vibe to this

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i will later
and check the doodles while youre here

Brings back 2000s mmorpg vibes

I think you perfectly encapsulated that feeling of being a wanted criminal in plain sight :+1:


Man, I love this!