Double pulsar AND aura build?

alright fellas im pretty sure you all know what savant awakening gets
second magic/fstyle with 70+ point requirement
and you start the game with the savant class
hypothetically, if you get carried throughout the game while having a 2m, 1 ,1 stat distribution (for guaranteed second magic) then awaken as a savant (resets all stats)
then dump it all in magic again
does this mean you can have two pulsars and two auras in a single file?

No, because:

  1. It would probably remove your second magic
  2. The stats requirements for the second magic would be way higher because you would be a mage.
  1. why?
  2. wdym im talking savant here, if you awaken as savant you would still keep your 70+ point magic, no?

lets do some math.

Lets say you are max savant with 2:1:1 stat distribution.
4x = 250 ; x = 62.5, thus

  • Magic: 125
  • Weapon: 62 / 63
  • Strength: 63 / 62

Pulsar on first magic requiers you to have 160 points into magic, or be lvl 80 pure mage. Because we have only 125 points with our 2:1:1 distrubtion we cant have.

But what about aura?

According to wiki you unlock it at magic lvl 150, or lvl 75 of being pure mage. So no, you cant even have aura.

thats not what i mean i mean TWO stat points into magic, ONE into str, ONE into weapons. numbers, not ratios.
finish the storyline, awaken as savant, dump all your unallocated points into magic.

Because you are resetting your awakening so you would have to do it again.

You stop being a savant if you reset your stats, if you invest only in magic then you would turn into a mage, so no doble pulsar nor aura

reset awakening??? you cant reset awakenings rn, if you awaken as savant you keep your second magic with 70+ points? ofc im just speculating here but im pretty sure you do keep your second magic

Right now there is no way of reseting stats after lvl 80.
If you mean to dump remaining stats into magic, you are basicly becoming mage with 2 useless stat points.

Yes you will get access to pulsar and aura ON FIRST MAGIC but again, its just a mage with 2 points missing.

alright fair enough, but 248 magic would be enough for pulsar on second magic and aura? (160 + 70 = 230, 150 + 70 = 220)

im pretty sure it is calculated in real time depending on your current build and not awaekning.

Are you trying to do something similar where you could get Conjurer Awakening with Warrior stats?

It worked like only investing 30/50 Magic Weapon and nothing else until you awaken to spend the rest of your points in Warrior

That’s kinda patched now iirc by forcing you to spend your stat points before awakening

is’nt its only on new servers or even only working in following update

ah thanks for the clarification, i didnt realize you had to do that

It’s been fixed since 1.11.6

imagine if it wasn’t patched and we had to deal with 249 weapon conjurers or your savant. Although, this does beg a question to me and it is if it is even possible to go over 60% stat point investment in magic with a different awakening? Say I awaken as your aforementioned savant, and then opt to just invest in magic after the level cap increase even if I go over that 60% stats in magic invested.

Just to be clear, let me start from the beginning. Assume the awakening was done at the current max (level 125), and the investment is 147 magic and 51/52 in str/weap respectively. Now assume the level cap increases to 150, and I now attempt to invest my newly acquired 50 points into magic. I’ve already awakened so theoretically this is possible (like it was before), and the likewise situation could also be true for my 40/60 hybrid builds out there.

I was possible where you can get magic imbued fighting styles while being beserker and then going for axe slash then you would get magic imbued axe slash early

I mean, it also wouldn’t work because you have to have all your stat points invested before you get your first awakening

I suppose, but you can awaken as soon as lvl 110

if you aim to change your class after awaking

get your awaking at level 120 and distribute points at level 125 and you will change class but i do not recommend it

I thought you needed to be level 119