Drakon Island Discoveries

Screenshot 2024-03-31 195137
magnet fisherman’s bad luck

Last stand at the treasure horde

Screenshot 2024-03-31 195344
sadly i couldnt pick up the book so we shall never know the secret lore,

here be giants (wendigoon reference?!?!?!!/1)

Emblem of the evil Drakon Island pirates

the ammolite fossil… IS REAL!!!

Dragon Cult worship shrine?
the other pointy shrine thingy

Ankh Grave

World of Magic boss statue

archaeologists/explorer’s journal, what was bro cookin’…?

excuse me sir u cant park here

Abandoned Mineshaft

alright thats about it, i probably missed some so feel free to post any more pics

and tysm Builder HailFirz for making such a kewl island to explore!!!


This island was a blast to explore. It was very different from any island that came before, and the level of detail and little things that make me glee with enjoyment is a lot.

I hope we will get an island like this in the future, it doesn’t have to be a huge remain of a beast, just a small tidbits you can find that gives the island charm

this is who was secretly writing in the hidden waterfall journal…


Can’t wait for vetex to write the lore here (im sure the books are there for that reason)

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