Drawback with a vitality build

Earlier today, I was just walking around Sameria to buy more repair hammers to level up my shipbuilder and some random knight started to attack me. (I would’ve fought back if it wasn’t on my alt with terrible gear)
so I just ran
after being chased for a solid three minutes, I got bored and decided to just engage in battle but only dodge, so the knight would get bored and leave. While doing that, I realised that the knight was using a drawback build.
I came up with the ultimate plan of letting them get their own health low, and then sniping them with a fully charged double beam for the kill.
sadly it didn’t kill them since plasma has kinda bad damage, but it was enough to get them down to one hit kill range.

moral of the story? don’t use drawback on a vitality build if your aim is trash