Drawing Comics

So, today I just published my first one-shot story in the writing category, and I realized that it was kind of a waste of time.

Sure, maybe a few people- like two or three, would read the story and like it and maybe even give some feedback in the comment section, but who am I kidding? Do forumers come to the forums to read mediocre stories? If they wanted to read something similar to a book, wouldn’t they go to a library and pick up one that’s actually been written by a professional? I feel a bit selfish for really expecting any kind of engagement with my writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to complain about these things, I’m just writing this to get my point across. The point being, there are some scenes I feel like are just impossible to make interesting through writing. At least, impossible for me as a 14 year old amateur “writer” to try convey to any readers. I feel like I can enjoy my latest one shot, “1st. The Savior”, because it’s not centered around action- it’s centered around suspense and relief. I can only enjoy it because I’m the author, and I obviously understand and can picture everything my characters see and feel in my mind.

But if I read my story from the perspective of some random forumer who knows a little bit about the Abyss Sea, it turns from a “Wow, I’m proud I made this” to a “Eh. It’s alright.” Oh, and also because the next one shot is supposed to be more fighting and death than “let me save you!”, and then this goes back to “writing fight scenes sucks”.

Solution?: Comic strips. It’d solve all the problems of expression and fight scenes, and more people would want to actually look at it- since most of the time on the surface a comic is more interesting than a chapter book, right? And I’d get to more creatively tell my story.

I’m good at “copying” art(not tracing, more like looking at art and then drawing it on a sheet of paper). So I figure if I can copy art, I can turn that copied art into something slightly different (like the recent JJK meme art that’s been popping up lately), and it’d be enjoyable. After all, it’d still be similar to the actual reference, but it’s just a different story being told. It might even be kind of funny.

But I still need some tips. Do any comic artists here use special templates online or do you guys just draw your own templates? Any tips for reference when trying to get into something like this?

I will watch any videos related to my question when posted in this thread.

TL:DR; In caveman, this reads; “All you no like read story. I draw story for all you so you like.”

Consider the following:

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I sure do wanna make comics one day but I have no experience lol :fr:

gotta keep refining my artstyle

i definitely have been feeling that right now, and even with Abyss’s popularity in the writing category i feel like I need to produce art for it in order to retain people’s attention. I try my best to like and comment on everything created for the Au because im so thankful that people would actually take time out of their day to make that, but its disheartening to see so much great work barely getting any recognition

The lack of community engagement with high quality writing on the forums has always been striking to me.

Giving an opinion of a portable graphics network is faster, doesn’t require brainpower to understand, and the result is immediately clear.

Written works force one’s brain to recreate the situation (sorry to those with aphantasia), making them less appealing to young users (the majority of the forums’s bulk) whose attention spans are rotten due to short-form content.