Drawn Characters in WoM Photos

This was definitely a fun challenge during my few days off

These photos were taken by @Tobi


These are all so cool. The drawings really fit into the screenshots spectacularly.

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blocky world adventure

Wait acid has the same magic icon as water but Green and Purple?

Great drawing btw.

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holy shit
someone actually found a style that fits in the with game world

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you could try overlaying the photos and then filling them in with the same type of coloring you used for the characters, might turn out decent

overall really nice tho

Wait what wow… I am actually speechless. These are awesome!

Edit: Very unique as I wouldn’t have thought of this

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are you talking about background art ? if so i could never lol
i think the last time i tried was when i did dungeon quest fanart but honestly didnt like it one bit, even when it looked simple.

but but something ive always thought about was when theres like emotional moments in any scenes i draw, it’d just be silhouettes with very simple background color… idk just a thought… (like those magic sillouette bgs i did a month ago)

a r t g o d

20 characters is a sentence

oooh very nice you really added life to the screenshots

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yeah, acid was actually the first magic so technically water and ink use the same one as acid

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this is SO COOL I mean sure its kinda weird seeing non blocky characters in WoM love this style. Also that MC dude is stacked he mustve trained strength

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I think it would be cool if it was like this:

Acid Icon - Green/Purple Bubbles
Bubble Green Svg Clip Arts - Green Bubbles, HD Png Download - kindpng

Water Icon - Stays the same

Ink - Squiggly lines

wom screenshots with anime characters :poggerfish:

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WOAHHHHHH these look amazing! :heart: :heart: :heart:
You really add a tone of life to my photos, and the art style mixed with the in-game photos is very creative and well executed!


I’m super happy you love it!! I’m not entirely sure if I’ll ever do more, but maybe in the coming updates when the map gets expanded? Put that glitch to good use Tobi, you’re doing great =)

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Artists in this community need to be appreciated more

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Okay, I’m really thinking about doing this too

Yes of course! :heart:

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Yoo that magic council dude is packing some serious pecs