Drop the meme builds!

Meta this, Meta that-

Screw that, gimme your fun builds or meme builds

I want to know because i dont really care about the meta, i just wanna have fun playing again.


My friend is a “nuke” fully invested into power, mage with explosion + magma

explosive exploding explosion build: apocalypse, aether, explosion

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Poison and Fire/Plasma Mage + intensity. You can lag people out, explode the clouds for chaotic environment, or even draw stuff in the air with this build.

Light and Thermofist/Boxing Warlock with ONLY attackspeed/agility, basically get Elius items and then do whatever with the rest (nobody can escape your tp crash and you gain flight spell)

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breaking build: shatter, slash, glass

wind explosion max aoe (knockback and lag)

Fire and water mage: fire + water = nothing

Wind with full Argos or Wind-row wolves kit if you want to send someone to the cloud district

-King of the hill build-

File name: Bobby Hill

Class: Berserker

Fighting styles: Iron leg, Boxing/basic combat (iron leg is a reference to the episode ‘Bobby goes nuts’)

Run literally no defense at all. Only run equipment that gives you power. You are not allowed to run defense, a reference to how Bobby is in reality.



Wall build

Warden with all hard defense armor

Replace aether with scorch

wood thermo fist

knockback build savant

wind boxing and wind gel or something

speed savant

light thermo lightning gel(?)

gun savant

light sailor (for water) lightning gel

Wood + Fire mage for mobile torch build

Glass conjuror with max intensity

Scorch and Apocalypse Bringer are Ancient Magics, though.

I forgor

147 agility and 117 attack speed with thermo fist (Just really fast)

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pc destroyer build

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Permablind build:
Max intensity, go any stat build you want that involves light

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