Dry and niche snacks

  1. Dry noodles
  • Find a pack of Maruchan ramen.
  • Crush the noodles inside of the pack(make sure not to bust the pack open)(you can open it first if you want)
  • Open the pack, take out the flavors, and pour the flavor into the crushed noodles.
  • Shake the pack and enjoy. Make sure to drink water afterwards(it’s dry)
  1. Dry Milo
    Literally just grab a spoon and scoop out a spoonful of Milo and put it in your mouth, then chew.
    probably don’t do this all of the time
    (I mostly do this after I put the Milo into my cup of hot water)

Dry snacks are snacks that can still taste good even if they aren’t meant to be eaten dry.
If you have an option to eat non-dry snacks, maybe don’t eat dry snacks(because they are dry)

It’s good to know how to eat something dry incase of emergency, but again, I recommend you eat it the way it’s supposed to be if you can(for example: your mom told you not to touch the stove while she goes to the grocery store)

Do you guys have some niche or dry snacks?

cheese crisps can be pretty good


cheese crisps

that reminds me of Pita Chips

pita chips are also good, i wonder what happens if i combine them

when you leave a peeled tangerine with all the little wedges separated outside for a while, the fruit semi dries up and this interesting and surprisingly good crispy outer layer forms with juice on the inside.

My grandparents use to mix Milo with rice


is that actually good??


Idk, never tried it
Tho it did fill them when the food is low