DS ghost and spirit weapons

If ds/akarkius ghosts are caused by chaos/magic energy, could spirit energy users free/affect them?

Imagine (it’s a cliche idea, I know, but I like it):

In a corner of a country we find a small temple, with an old monk presiding it.
He tells us that he is guarding an old relic, passed down from the temple’s god himself.
He will give it to us if we continue his mission, since he has gotten too old to do it himself.

The mission is to free/idk n ds ghosts and the relic is… you get it, right?

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Told ya it’s cliché.

Wanna make it even more cliché?

Make it a shinto temple, with an old samurai and the spirit weapon being a katana.


can we make it even more cliché

can we get much clicher?

so cliche~

oh oh oh

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