Dual pistols but more pistols?

it would be like a 6 shooter but instead of 6 bullets in the gun you would keep switching between flintlocks like with the dual pistols.


i never noticed this guy had 6 guns hes packing heat

drake the type of mf to carry around six guns

While I sort of doubt we got some percussion revolver in AO, imagine having six double barrel flintlock pistols, and you can shoot 12 shots

We can have this

Collier flintlock revolver as our first artisan weapon

Explosive piercing shoot good

I forgot concept of revolver existed before Samuel Colt
thanks for remembering that.

Isn’t AO take place in the mid 1800s? Wouldn’t it make sense there would be a nation that created the first revolver and bolt action rifle?

Thing about eras in fiction is that it does not adhere to our IRL historical progression. Warhammer Fantasy for example is set in 2500s according to the Imperial Calendar, and they are still in the early-mid gunpowder era, just like in Arcane Oddysey. Wouldn’t make sense if they have plasma weapons in world where ogres, orcs, and [REDACTED] man sized rats exists.

Also, magic being much more prolific than technology in the War Seas leads to a lower demand to innovate and advance guns when we have curses and shit.