Edit: Trading Clean Sunken Boots and Strong Sunken Helmet. LF Sunken Sword or Headless

I don’t care whichever enchantment is on the SS

Contact me through discord if interested

my name is fire#6342

OK JUST NO LOL ur offer is just bad…

also for ez communication with people join the vetcord.
fuck it the discord code is vetex

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Sadly your clean sunken boots isn’t enough. Since your looking for a sunken sword or headless you will need to offer much more items yourself such as other Enchanted/Non-Enchanted sunkens, or many boss drops.

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Might I suggest getting 1-2 or so more sunken items with a couple good enchant boss drops? That’s pretty much the minimum a sword goes for these days.

Ty for the feedback! found that really helpful!

join the vetcord for ez communication when trading, so people don’t have to wait for you to accept their friend request

hello, long story short, your offer is not good. a clean sunken boot is not worth a ss or headless.

Already am… actually i have been there a few years now… i just dont speak there

I checked your discord, we didn’t have any mutual servers. You’re not in the vetcord

You have probably made a mistake, I can ping you there if you list your username.

Nope, when I made my first post I checked and you weren’t in the server.
Not in the server. you’re probably in a knockoff/ aa remake or a guild server I just took that screenshot btw

This is not my discord account… ‘My name is fire#6342’

Understandable mistake, I kind of anticipated people making it, next time ill put it in quotes.

oh shit you see how this is confusing lmao?

Updated the offer btw, can anybody tell if this is fair? please reply to this reply! (yes it sounds weird)

Still a pretty big underpay

For the headless or the SS?

Both, clean ss = headless. but most people expect super heavy overpay for headless.

I see, guess im gonna have so much to farm…

you’ll need at least 3 clean sunkens for the sword, and I’d say 6 depending on the sunken for headless (sword not included)

I thought it was more of uh, well as a headless owner i thought it was 2 sunken pieces (including sword) = headless but nobody accepts that (pretty much like rigel apoth offers if you play AR)