Edward Kenton

You Guys seem to like Edward and guess what heres Edward Kenton for ya


we all do, especially the eddie simps like… @rouver2345



Edward Kenton Supremacy

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Edward really be needing a shower :sob::sob:

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eddie i love you so much

he looks adorable in ur style :face_holding_back_tears:

this is a masterpiece. I LOVE IT MATHY AAAAA

ah yes my favorite quartermaster


also nice artstyle, really like it

Awew edward!! I love the fishing scenario! ^ ^

I got him covered. :smirk:

To the assassin/pirate/order member/whatever that gave my best boi those scars. I tell ya this:

I am several islands away from your hideout and rapidly approaching. Mortar and cannons locked, loaded and ready. Start sailing =)

According to MULTIPLE polls, he’s the most liked character in the entire game.

He’d be a tumblr sexyman for sure


I never knew that honestly xD

FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT ヽ(`д´;)/ (complete sentence)

Hubba bubba :heart_eyes::eyes::new_moon_with_face::kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:

I love your art style so much, it’s so recognizable and expressive. Like omg, this look so cool. Your style is so recognize when I used to look at fanarts on Google.

awww thank youuu

My favorite