Elden Ring Worst Bosses

I genuinely wanted to rip my eyes out fighting the Godskin duo it is literally the worst boss fight, the fire giant was also bad but it was just a boring fight the godskin duo was just cancer, like holy they put two enemies they already made and then put them in a room, it’s like fighting smough but as fast as ornstein, then fighting smough that is slightly faster than ornstein

The Elden beast is the 3rd worst boss because even though the fight was fine and the design of the boss was ok, it was the final boss and it just didn’t feel like one, it wasn’t as grand as the bosses before it and it’s attacks didn’t feel satisfying or rewarding to dodge.

(Should I do a rant on the BEST bosses in elden ring?)
Question of the day, what boss in elden ring has the best design

The actual worst Elden Ring boss is Nosk.
I don’t have Elden Ring.


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love hearing about good boss design it’s kinda hard to tread the line between being difficult but rewarding without making the difficulty feel artificial


I haven’t been on here for a while specifically because of elden ring I think the best boss was malenia even though she is a hard boss her first and second phase are both so punishing and the feeling after beating her was phenomenal definitely one of the hardest and best souls bosses