Eldridge Ketch: The Lost Shadow

Eldridge Ketch was a boy born in riverville. Eldridge was once a very happy child. Who made everyones day even if it was just his smile. Eldridge had 5 siblings. 3 brothers. 1 little sister and 1 elder sister. Eldridge and His Eldest sister would always be together. They loved to fish whether it was at the pond or even at ironports docks. One day however. A powerful dark wizard entered the premise of riverville. Their name… Was Akira Lamina. Eldridge looked outside worried. And then… It happened. A powerful ash blast hit the village. Riverville got completely coated in ash. Thick enough that it collapsed the buildings. Eldridge tried to get out. But right before he succeeded he saw his little brothers head get stomped into bloody mush as everyone elses corpses began to crisp… Eldridge had to hold in his scream and grasped for whatever air he could find. Then he got picked up by his older sister. They ran. For what felt like days. However they didn’t get too far. They got caught on their way to a hidden tavern at mount sea watch. Eldridge was beaten mercilessly by the bandits. And they made him watch as unspeakable things were done to the last family member he had…

They gave him a choice. Die or join them. He tried to refuse with all of his might. But then the words of the one he spent his whole life with spoke “Eldridge… It’s okay… I accept this fate. Because in the end at least I won’t die from these scum… Take my life eldridge… And live for everyone else”
Eldridge full of tears knew what had to be done… Full of regret and remorse he slit the throat of the last member in the ketch bloodline… He held onto her full of tears. Sobbing like a child… And then… A bullet went through his back. It turns out they weren’t gonna let him live in the first place. He then saw… Many civillians were being decapitated. Whatever crowns they had were taken. Eldridge in the heat of the moment broke out of the head lock and fled to the bronze grasslands. He But then he fell into a canyon… They persumed him to be dead… However he survived… But he lost his mind… When he came back up… Any sign of life had withered from his eyes… And when they witnessed such a sight… They all died in one blast

Eldridge now roams magius. Searching for the man that caused such an incident. Killing everyone who gets in his way. Even the magic council.

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sounds like some guy id bully. if i ever saw edruidge ketch id kill him no diff.

what is this…

wtf is this

Edgiest… Slot… In… the game.

That makes sense, but this isn’t the edgiest I’ve seen

Sentences are really choppy but nice edgy story.

Well shit