Electrifying Portrait

Reina Varn, my precious and loved oc (only drawn her like 5 times :rofl:):

New pfp just dropped boys! (nah jk I will never replace my sweet Chicane):

Uh yea like I said, I’ve only drawn her about 5 times since I don’t really doodle. Should I try drawing her more often? :thinking:

Sure! Draw her more

Female Kashimo fr fr

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Yoo he looks sick

bro looks like:

Yessirrr. Love the style of that show, especially the way they do hair, so I wanted to replicate it as best I could.

I would say the hair could use more detail, looks more like slime than hair, but I’m not an artist. Fire work though, please do draw more.

Yeah usually I add more details to hair in my own style, but here it’s kinda hard cause the style I’m going for has little to no detail in the hair. Thanks for feedback tho :+1:

i love this gal. Enjoyed recreating her in the arcane rumble

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And you re-created her splendidly

It’s Varn again!!
Glad to see she’s back finally, and I like what you’re going for here! But, as some of the others have said… Yeah, her hair looks more like a gel or slime than hair. But hey, it happens; just part of the journey.

When run out of likes :sob::sob::sob: