Elemental Cannon Differences

Is there any difference (aside from the stat differences) between the different types of Arcanium Cannons? Do they cause additional effects when they hit ships? If so, what do they do?

Apply magic effects to opponents + range based off magic speed stat (?) + damage might be based off a magic damage (?)

It’s like the arcanium rams, but for cannons

Rams also scale off magic damage and magic speed, lots of people use Light Arcanium Rams for the speed

I know that different magics cause stat differences on the cannons and rams (purely statistically, light cannons and shadow rams are the best) but I was wondering if there were additional effects on top of that

Stuff like Acid will apply Corrosion to ships, same with a lot of DoT magics, but they’re all relatively similar

Do magics with high sizes cause more AOE damage too?

not really an AOE, cannonballs have around the same hitbox

but they have explosion sizes too, which affects players

i dont think cannons change the AoE of cannonballs

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