Elizabeth Eden, Wandering Fist

My main AO slot, Elizabeth Eden. Explosion-Thermo Warlock with no concept of economics and a tendency to get herself into trouble.

Bonus : Reference doodles + No text

Shout out to ozzie here on the forum for making really cool art. Took a page out of their book doing this :+1:



super lit!!


For a second there I thought that was Revon

Love the explosion effects

Safety is an afterthought

Safety is number one priority :mariomug:

why da fuck did i think this was Revon :skull:

reminded me of emp, nice art!! :fire:

I mean just look at her, she looks like Revon with long hair for me

Understandable, but she is not Revon :skull:

Live laugh love Elizabeth Eden!! :star_struck: :explosion_magic: She looks amazing!! And I freaking love her spikey and bombastic personality!

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She’s friggin’ awesome, I love her.
Absolutely spectacular art, too! I love the stylization.

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“Gotcha~” - Elizabeth 2 seconds away from blowing my head clean off

“Welp, you might be wondering how i got into this situation? Well, it happened a few minutes ago when i decided to try to make her pay for the booze… at least she’s cute-”

Gets fucking rocked into the shadow realm

how are her hands even still functional, they’re so charred

Without proper care they’ll probably be rendered useless, but she has access to a skilled healer that’ll keep them working — the color just remains.

Oh my god you guys here on the forums are so amazing, I’m trying to learn art right now and I hope one day I can reach this level

Sales Tax? Wait until they find out about the other taxes…

Take the time to practice and learn — and you’ll be a bonafide artist yourself! Perhaps we’ll see you posting here one day :eyes:

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