Emigrate of the Evergreens Tourney footage

I’m curious on how you think my performance was. we were both pretty laggy since i was recording and they don’t have a good pc. also this is a vitality savant. as for the tourney i forfeited the last round because of timezones and account deactivation. this tourney was a good month ago

I’ve never heard this rendition of Senbonzakura but nice choice of music.

Can’t say the same for your arsenal though. No beam, shot, weapon skill, shockwave smash, not even magic leap(?).

The fights are pretty simple and easy to follow. Nothing interesting compared to your everyday endgame gank (noticed that 1 warding right there) but congratulations :confetti_ball: hitting most of your blasts with that horrible size is no small feat.

Also what kind of tourney let a little lvl 132 knight in like that

oh it was a clan tourney but you had to use your clan file

most people were recruited on lower level files still leveling them.

this is the cover used, originally from niconico video.

my loadout is 130vit 100str and 50mag so i have access to absolutely nothing. plunderers and shield do full damage and full block so they are still a little useful. also realised that my outfit looks like archenhailer but actually matching shadow