Empress Nilah is a baddie

Not only is she a curse user, she’s a war strategist.

And she got the not being a tyrant aspect of being a leader

BAZINGA!!!1! :heart_eyes:


mental illness


Shhh :shushing_face:
The samarian ice got to my cerebral cortex

sir that is a collection of pixels on a 3 vector plane simulated within a virtual universe created by a relatively young Caucasian male and hosted on a barely functional server room operated and funded by a morally corrupt multibillion dollar corporation known as ROBLOX™ which is located somewhere in presumably the USA on a continent in the upper hemisphere of the earth which is orbiting a medium sized star that is currently located within a large galaxy called colloquially by humans “the milky way” :face_with_monocle:


there is something called therapy my good sir

the sun is small. classic sun glazer. typical.

where’s my black hole enjoyers, and nebula adorers? we must stop this sun glaze NOW!

vetex is 24

It appears that YOU are the one that must reprogram your neural connections :pinching_hand::nerd:


the sun is tiny in comparison to space though :sob:

that’s it. i’m shrinking the sun to prove myself right.


Those pixels on a vector plane are BAD THO

literally everything is tiny compared to space, the only thing that scales to space is space itself and maybe time if you wanna go there

Due to your small factual error which you so naively posted online I have done the proper internet move and there may or may not be a thermonuclear missile locked onto your current coordinates :hugs:

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Brain nourishment

Vetex an unc


well i mean in comparison to most other stars, the sun feels real real tiny. idk how medium applies that’s like saying “oh this toddler is a medium sized human being” when he’s standing next to Abraham Lincoln

thanks! finally some damn good food

You’ll have to catch it to eat it, it’s pretty fast.

well luckily i’m faster.


Ah you are designed to hunt down thermonuclear missiles, as they are your natural food source.
Nature is incredible