Empty patch of sand on Sameria

Brother you saying this just proves you don’t know how victorian military logistics work

  1. Napoleon crossed the alps with significant casualties, because attrition is THE biggest factor of death in an army.

  2. This is a naval invasion, and thus the military composition is going to be disorganized, and why the fuck would you navally invade just to climb a mountain (you would immediately be surrounded and choked of supply, again not everybody is an immortal magic being)

  3. Comparing Keraxe to Napoelonic compositions is laughably stupid, Napoleon had easy reign because quite simply theres this thing called “HORSES”, along with having your supply line be RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR MILITARY EXPANSION

  4. Realistically speaking, all islands in ao are scaled down, as seen with Ravenna having 10 thousand people, so these mountains in comparison are TALL

yeah what was bro yapping about

hannibal lost his most of his army to attrition, and only gained significant gains in his campaign because

  1. The Carthaginian Holdings were in fucking france and spain very close!!! (keraxe does NOT have this!!! woo!!!)

  2. It doesn’t matter if you think Keraxe doesnt think about attrition, because they do! Why the fuck would any military general actively sacrifice men when they are in a campaign in foreign territory, with people who have curses (as seen by sameria’s curse power) along with a shit ton of experienced mages

mfw you try act like military logistics through invading a mountain is an easy venture

also hannibal didn;t have to deal with people with guns (keraxe does)

If i were a Keraxean Commander I would install spies in the Samerian court

Then find a night and have them do the funni and then send my best legions into Caitara

bait used to be funny :skull:

Im just a bit confused why dont cities put cannons as defense, it would be extremely useful (as evident by Silverhold’s cannons)

sameria is geographically blessed, their capital is in a bay, which means if you try navally invade that you are going to be surrounded and cannons can easily be installed, wheeled artillery exists

Yeah why didnt they install? I feel like the security measures are so weak

An ordinary merchant can just dock the boat and get it, probably smuggling all sorts of weapons or drugs. Why arent there customs or guards at the port.

If a fleet invades they just need to launch a few mortar strikes and then Madasa will be unalived. Maybe those harpoons would be extremely useful. Im surprised there arent any pirate raids on Masada.

yea this is a fair point, sameria historically did have to deal with a war so you are right that it makes no sense for fortifications along their most vital region not be installed

The Corsairs wouldve already burnt Sameria to the ground if they werent stuck in the forest of masts or dealing with other stuff

if the corsairs attacked an actual kingdom they would probably be coalitioned because they’d be viewed as too dangerous

I feel like the Corsairs would inevitably destroy themselves

Even tho theyre a Kingdom, they are made up of a coalition of pirates

And well… pirates

You get the idea

Fair, even seen in the first part of the story the Drachmae are shown to be able to be hired by the Syndicate, so eventually I think there’d be issues of loyalty

Probably some boss fight here. Also this almost got turned into a history thread