Encroaching Darkness (Chapter 2)

The terror-filled screams rang through the warm balmy evening as red-black blasts flew around the village of Ranai. Several villagers lay sprawled on the ground, their flesh seeming to wither away into black, roasted pieces.
A tall man, wrapped up in a battered brown cloak which reeked of a vile magic, stalked towards a small child with a sadistic smile. ''Your mother, you see her there?, he said, as he pointed to a woman pierced through her neck with a spear made of magical energy. The little child gazed horror struck at his mom, tears rapidly flowing down his face. He screamed in a helpless anguish.
The tall man observed and cackled sadistically. He pointed a finger at the child, a shadowy magic circle forming at the tip.
The child shut their eyes, praying to whatever god was still out there to come to his rescue…and his mom’s rescue. An unimaginable pain jolted through his body, his screams were filled with agony. His vision was clouded with his mom’s lifeless, limp body. Her congealed blood, her burnt hair, her withered flesh, he could see every single wound, every single scar, every single bite mark,- and yet. And yet the man laughed on and on and on and on and on and ON AND ON AND ON-

The Healer woke up in a cold sweat. He was shivering with cold, even though the evening was warm and balmy. He looked around his small. cramped room and sighed heavily. He wondered why even now of all times, the memory of his mutation still haunted his dreams.

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fascinating. Now then, can I sell my kidney on the black market and then get a new kidney from healing and then rinse and repeat?

Finally I’ll get enough money and break him out after hiring 27 skilled mercenaries

when healing magic:

What if your magic energy runs out and you’re too exhausted to heal your kidney again?

do the sacred wood dance and then you will get a new kidney and also some free plot armor

I know its a joke and everything but I need to specify that the main character has Life Magic, a more potent and capable version of Healing.

not aether wood magic so like haha still mid

then wait till you not tired.